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An early childhood teacher needs to be thoroughly trained in Early Childhood Education (ECCE) to develop professional skills and qualities in order to taste success in the respective field.

Early Childhood Care and Education is being increasingly seen as a vital area of study for the future early childhood educators because every child is entitled to a solid foundation and great support from teachers to fulfill their potential. The early years of life (from birth to five years) are considered the most vital period for the learning and development of a child and witness a rapid development of a child’s brain which paves the way for lifelong learning.

Therefore, an early childhood education teacher has a key role to play in facilitating and extending the learning and development of children as the young learners need to be stimulated, challenged and supported in a positive and child friendly learning environment. In this program we on focus lesson planning, Curriculum and preparing delightful materials. For the children who could be engaged in playful activities like Art & craft. Therefore, it is essential that the teachers get properly trained before they start working as a Nursery Teacher and provide sufficient learning opportunities that facilitate maximum growth and development.

Early Childhood Education (ECCE) minimum eligibility for joining is 10 +2 or EQUIVALENT aspiring teachers or experienced teachers who want to upgrade their teaching qualification. This course is not for only matriculation or equivalent those who are Graduate or Master they can also apply for this courser to up gradation their career. SSGI offers a comprehensive course designed for aspiring, years.


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