Franchisee Procedure

With more than a half decade of experience in the academic field, SSGI has ambition to trained more than 10,000 students yearly throughout India. SSGI begin the largest network as Authorized Study Centers in India.

Due to huge demand of its courses SSGI planting Authorized Study Centre (ASC) as partnership at PAN India level. At our (ASC) centres we are conducting regular develop technology and mythology among the student. After get complete training, a student will be more confidence and more benefited in their future life.

Eligibility for Authorisation

Download The Franchisee application form and attach the following documents.

Note: - There are two ways to apply for authorisation.

1st On-line: You can fill online application form and upload all required document and send through our website : www.shivsharda.com

2nd Off-line: You have to Download the application form and fill it with blue or black ink and send scan copy along with all required document as above mentioned.

Study KIT

SSGI provides Study manual KIT to provide the student at the time of admission.

Franchise/ Authorization Fee: - 25000/- In OFFER Zero Rupee Now

(you have two pay only Kit charge of 2 Student on the time of Authorization for Franchisee)

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